Monday, July 30, 2007

More Dentist Drama

So we rescheduled for the dentist for today. Talan was here early so off we went. The dentist is in Decatur at least a thirty minute drive. It took us 40 minutes with traffic. We get there and I'm signing in and they ask to see our insurance card. So I give it to them and they tell me they only take medicaid. I pass them the sheet of paper that we came with from our dentist and I said..."they sent me here" my head I think who am I going to yell at, you because last week you almost made me cry and now you say you can't see me or my dentist who made me waist my precious $2.69 a gal gas, because they sent me to the wrong place. Anyway the receptionist was very kind and called another dentist(I think they are all connected) and set up an appointment with them for Isabella on Wednesday. I end up not yelling at anyone BUT I do tell Rob about it. We will once again travel to another town but it is should only take half the time...the saga continues...

Just a note so Rob doesn't think I left him out. This weekend we canned. We made pickles, salsa and Rob has been wanting to can okra for years and Saturday he finally did it. We were busy but it was a good time. The kids were not interested in the process though. Maybe next year.

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