Friday, May 24, 2013


Normally this would be a great day but from two PM til now almost 5PM I am thinking to send them back to school.  Let me tell you why.

This week Rob, Cole and Isabella has been sick, so Isabella missed the last two days of school and I snuck her into school the last hour of the last day to let her say goodbye to her friends.  When she got her report card I noticed she was absent 19 days not counting the last two.  That is another story.  They all had a bug, 24-48 but because B is in a flair, for 10 weeks now, it is taking longer for everything to get out of her system.  So that is her, for now.

I feel like I am three weeks behind in everything and I haven't been to the gym in that long because of end of school activities and appointments with the kiddos, mostly B.  So this week I finally cleaned the kids bathroom, well because they were puking, and yesterday I cleaned the kitchen up.  Also today I decided to give each child a job that they have to do everyday through the summer.  Also they have to run laps outside if the argue or talk back to me.  So far today both Cole and Gus have run 4 laps.

AURGHH, is how I'm feeling right now.  Today I went to the dentist, I now have braces and I had my first check up.  We made strawberry freezer jam.  And I took B to the Dr to see what was up with this fever business.  The problem is I'd hoped to have so much more done by now.  Like take the dogs to the vet.  Its hard taking two dogs and three kids to the vet.  Also I wanted to have the pantry a little more stocked.  OH well maybe next week.

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