Saturday, January 12, 2013

{January} REALLY?

So this is January and at the look of my blog you might think, she must be busy I haven't heard from her since AUGUST and yep I have been, school has started and is half over.  I had so many plans and things that I wanted to accomplish but things got busier than I ever thought and the kids activities took over my vinyl crafts took off and things happened.

Now, five months later I've decided, not to turn my hobby into a business, I could if I had to, and that was the thing.  I don't need to.  Rob does wonderfully at work and we are good.  I do have classes occasionally and still do custom orders when asked.  But I need to get back to basics.  Family, my kiddos and my home are most important to me.  So that is my goal.  Find Joy in the Journey, simplify and remember all that happens.

Here is a recap of the last few months.  Izzy and Gus did soccer with the Y program and we loved it.  Cole is still doing Tong Soo Do and is now an orange belt with white stripe.  Rob just started his third to the last of his Master classes. And we got a new pup...a whopping 10lb dog named BEAR...fitting for the ankle bitter:)  Me, I'm still working on loosing weight, trying to stay positive and learn to live better with healthier food!

That's it...have a great rest of your January and I'll write again soon

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