Sunday, June 14, 2009


Funny story on the way to church this morning...

Isabella who saw the van next to us disappearing behind us asked..."Guys who in that van?"

Rob says, "what van?" I say, "the van behind us...and I say I don't know."

Isabella says, "maybe he's coming to church." I said he might be going to another church, there are lots of churches that meet on Sunday."

Isabella says, "We'll he's wearing a suit and glasses and is bald just like Henry B Eyring(sp)...maybe he's coming to church. Maybe that's Henry B Eyring coming to church!"

We chuckled quietly to ourselves...Isabella is always picking out Prophets. When we first moved to Huntsville the first time she saw Brother Girard she thought he was President Hinkeley.

What a girl! I love her so!

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