Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Month of May

I know it is kinda late but I just uploaded my pictures off my camera. Lots happened in May...first Rob turned another year older(don't worry babe I'll always be older). Then he graduated cu me laud. Then it was Gus' first birthday...Then last weekend we took an impromptu vacation to SC through Atlanta. Here are all the pictures...

We had fondue for dinner tonight...YUM-O

Cole's got it right he picked it out...practicing with my camera

Temple flowers

Atlanta temple kiddos

Izzy took this and said we needed to have a picture of Moroni so we wouldn't forget...she's so smart(but don't tell her it will go to her head)

During our trip Gus tried Doritos for the first time and loved them.

We went to the Cartersville GA science museum

Petrified wood...Gus loved all the signs that he could touch

Prehistoric turtle

Big truck

Rob Graduating with the Family

Rob with the kiddos and Poppy(Rob's Dad)

Rob and I

Rob and Cole...he got bit by red ants...not happy

B and daddy...notice Cole in the background?

Gus and Daddy

The graduate!

Gus and his first chocolate cake...I think he liked be the judge.

Rob and Matt received an honor for there senior project...which is being published...the one on the far right is his prof.

Izzy at graduation with her teacher Mrs. Turner...B you ROCK!

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The Wolfepack: said...

Busy, Busy! Glad y'all are having fun along the way!