Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictures from the last few months

We went to Mayfield Ice cream during was also the only day it cool!

Tracks leading to the building...does this remind you of
anything? Follow the yellow brick road!

This is the Mayfield Cow

The milk machine

Izzy and Mr. Mayfield

The boys...after the tour.

Family...after the you notice Izzy...she would not wear her hat after the tour for the picture...sometimes she's so girly.

They are sticking their tongues out because it is snowing.

On to the next subject...Cole's NEW puppy:

Cena: means Dinner in Italtian...Rob wanted to name her apitizer...we compromized.

Miscellaneous pictures that I like!

Notice the Nephi band around Gus' head...courtesy of Isabella

The kiddos and their pups

Poor Dinner in exile on a chair.

Where's the snow?

Cena says, "It's mine"...Gus says, "No it's mine"(that's what he'd say if he talked...if I remember it right it was actually shouting)... in the end you be the judge!

John will be proud! Rocker Gus.

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Becki said...

Cute pics Ranee. Adoption? Wow, I ddin't realize you were working on that right now. I hope everything works out for you! I'll bring you that CD sunday, or possibly thursday if you're going to be there. My kids were all sick this weekend. SOunds like it's going around.