Monday, July 23, 2012

{Carbs and sugar}

So I normally don't talk about this.  WEIGHT, WEIGHT LOSS, LACK OF WEIGHT LOSS.   So I've been going to the gym for a year and a half and lost 30-35 lbs looking good feeling good BUT I haven't lost anything significant in a YEAR.  CRAZY I know, sometimes overwhelming and I get it.  Its food for me.

I have the routine down and my running has increased.  Remember my 5k, I've shaved off one and a half to two minutes from that time.  It's the FOOD that is killing me so today I was going to start cutting out carbs and sugar,  AFTER breakfast because I had a piece of toast although it was very healthy and only 50 calories.  Then I had lunch a sandwich with that same 50 calorie a slice and then dinner that was the kicker.  I made pasta carbonara.  That says it all...PASTA {CARB}onara.  To top it all off for Family Home Evening Rob made cookies for the treat since he had the treat.  Actually I made them because he was mowing the lawn and I had frozen cookie dough.  So I had to have two cookies.  Not a very good start, BUT on a good note, I'll try again tomorrow.

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