Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{JUNE} Month in review

 Summer activities...In the month of June at our local optimist park they do summer programs for the month of June and each class is FIVE DOLLARS and some are FREE!  So the kiddos did; gymnastics, tennis, art, PE, every Tuesday and Thursday in the month...all those class were $15.00!  SCORE!

 So the Saturday we took Rob's Mom to the airport in Nashville we all took a road trip to the unknown country side of Tennessee.  We found in COWAN TN a FREE train museum that the kiddos and Rob enjoyed...I love the sign below.  Then we went to the diner down the road for lunch...we love this kind of stuff.

 After that we drove to Winchester TN and this is their court house.  I love it.  It reminds me of the marvel comic books.  In Winchester they have a Jail museum that was something crazy like $1 for adults and 50 cents for kiddos five and up and free for under five.  It may have been less than that but I remember scrounging for all my change because we never carry cash.

 Then we went on to fort Mill.  The COOLEST PLACE EVER!  They grind there own corn meal and flour and sell it to locals.  We bought some and some blueberry jam, so yummy!

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