Monday, April 18, 2011

Atlanta {mini spring break} 2011

 So we are off at 7:15 Wednesday morning so we can make our scheduled appointment(which we later found out when we got there, there was no worries)

 The top of the Atlanta Temple is Moroni...Gus kept pointing and saying Moroni the whole time we were there.  (click on the links if you'd like more information about this)
 Original dedication was when Rob was 6 and Cole is 6 now.  It was truly an amazing experience to have our whole family at the temple for the first time.  We look forward to many more trips as a family when they are 12 and older!

 After a few shots on the grounds we went to the bishops shore house to get pancakes and potatoes.  Then off to our favorite pizza joint in Tucker GA...ENZO's PIZZA
They have some yummy pizza and it's a great price and the two pizza's we bought fed our family of five for THREE meals.  All for $30.  We ate outside too, it was very nice! 
That night we went to IKEA and I shopped with a budget but got everything I wanted.  Sorry no pics of that ;)
 So the next day We slept in late, meaning past 8AM at the Comfort Suites.  Had a yummy breakfast of waffles and sausage and then went shopping at Trader Joes and the to the museum Tellus. get in FREE with out Space and Rocket Center membership!)

 Your kiddos like trucks?   THEY have BIG trucks.


 My favorite shoes...Target clearance $8

 My little astronauts.
They also have dinosaurs, a house of the future today, a planetarium show, it was the best, you can dig for dino bones and mine for gems...WONDERFUL, I really think this is our favorite museum for our kiddos ages.
After all this we got home late Thursday night and we had a blast.

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DonnaSUN said...

I loved all the pictures! Luke would have passed out over the big trucks. I'll have to show him these pictures when he gets home from school!