Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Isabella

So I only have the last 31/2 years in pictures on my computer.  Here are a few of my beautiful B...Every time it is a birthday of a child I have born of my body...I have nostalgia.  Think back to that day or a few days leading up to it.  This year it is no different.  I remember the Doctor thinking early on that she was going to be big...I had ultrasounds often, just to keep track of that.  Then we needed to schedule induction...a month or so early.   Just in case but I think my Dr knew.  So her due date was January 7th.  We got the soonest date and that was January 2nd...all the babies that proceeded us got the December 31 date that Rob wanted...taxes you understand, right?  Anyway I remember everything the last 36 last meal was at Chili's and I had south western egg rolls.  Then we went to the hospital so they could start induction with a cervadil but the nurses refused to give me the meds to start induction because I have a history of home we went.  The next day we went in early and started petocin.  At 8am they broke my water and at 11 am I was finally dilated to a four and doing well while Rob was timing me on his palm...remember those things.  My Dad and brother cam in shortly there after caring balloons and wondering what they could do...nothing, what are you doing here, we didn't call, really they were just so excited to be Grandpa and Uncle but I was half naked and SOOO uncomfortable. and all they did while there was watch TV..Rob gently eased them out of the room.  The contractions seemed to be stronger and I needed drugs do around 1PM the epidural came and I felt better but then the contractions stopped...the end no more.  They turned the machines off and said we didn't want to go over 12 hours with my water broke so at 4 pm they scheduled me for an 8:30 c at 9:13PM weighing in at 8lps 8 ounces Isabella Iola Naomi Fratangelo was born into this world, Bright, pink and big...on the day it snowed in the south and all the town of Columbia South Carolina shut down including government and non essential hospital employees.  My dad and brother saw her and went home since it was snowing and there were no snow plows out (remember we live in the south).  Remembering back I had the worst OR nurse and when she said 9 13 we thought that was her weight and she was so rude and then I kept saying don't you want to know her name...she never answered...then I got really drowsy and said did you give me something...the nurse said yes and then I woke up in recovery with a screaming girl next to me yelling for her mommy...she was a baby having a as soon as I could lift my tush we were out of there.  The day Isabella was born the nesting center was open and our room was so large and we were the first to use was lovely.  Our night nurse was amazing and because of the weather she was our day nurse also.  It took our family two days to get to see us because the south is not equipt to move an inch of snow.  We were there four lovely days and then went home to find a small snow man at our door...

That is it basically except for a few privy things but I love being a mom and I know this is my special place and I was destined to be as my patriarchal blessing says "a mother in Zion" .  I love my role and I love my children and my B has a special place because she is my girl and my first.  So sorry for this long post but to end it all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ISABELLA...I LOVE YOU FOREVER!

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