Thursday, August 26, 2010

I LOVE grocery shopping

Well besides the fact that I get to spend money...really what girl doesn't:)  Today I found the best deals...and even though I spent over my $110 budget for two weeks, yes we do...I included my other needs, laundry soap, pull ups, bleach and fabric softener...which I love

Here are just a few of the great deals and can I brag on Publix for a bit...I LOVE THEM...they are great friendly and help me with my on to the subject at hand...Publix is great for finding coupons hidden all over the store and I am a coupon shopper that is why I can spend $149 and save that much and more.  So the deals were A-MAZ-ING today...starting with PG & E products such as, downy which I had a $1 store coupon and $1.25 manufacture coupon...combine them and I save $2.25 and it was on sale saving $1.  Then tide which I love and it is my favorite but it is also my most expensive all the time purchase.  Tide was on sale with the store coupon of $1 and my manufacturer coupon for $1.50 combined for $2.50 off...awesome! Then there was I usually do the generic Target brand but it was on sale and with the $1 off coupon it was the same price as generic and then the kicker...because I bought these three things I got FREE bounty paper towels...that is only the beginning...I bought yogurt for 50 cents a four pack, chex snack mix for 70 cents for the 15 oz bag, nilla wafers were BOGO and they had coupons for $1 off each if you baught pudding or jello...well the discount section had jello for half price so, SCORE ME!  I bought dove chocolate my fave for $1 a bag after my BOGO and coupon and nature valley granola bars for $1 after the sale with my coupons.  Great thing about Publix is they accept competitors coupons  which is great when Ben and Jerry's ice cream is on sale BOGO.  Also if you belong to the Blue Bell club(free) every month they send you by email a coupon for $1 off and you can print them off twice per month...I think though my best deal today was Campbell Select soup BOGO and if you go to there website there is a $1 off coupon per can and you can print two again so each can of soup cost 18 cents and 19 eh?!  So that is it...I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING!

So thank you Publix for making my shopping experience wonderful today!

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Clarissa said...

I can only aspire to be a super shopper like you!!!