Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

So here it is Cari and everyone else, realize I don't have prices for everything but it is a guesstimate.

$1.18 for paper
(divide by 6...about $.19)

FREE for vinyl
($3.50 if I had to buy it;))
paint...white oops, FREE
but you can get little tubes for $.75 or so

2x4x24 wood FREE
(I have scrap)
probably around $2.00 at lowes or Home Depot...
(I just checked this and it is $3.17 for 96in which is enough to make four projects, so divide by 4 and it equals $.79 per project for wood which changes our total!)
grand total...$5.13 IF you had to buy everything to make this...

Also if you'd like to make this I am having a class at my house...June 24th at will cost $5 IN ADVANCE...also if you want to make it yourself the list of materials is above and vinyl is $3.50 or I can make it for you for $10.

Just a note I got this idea does she

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