Monday, April 13, 2009


So we survived yet another strong storm with minimal damage...our neighbors shed once again flew into our yard...this is the second time in two weeks, so Rob was able to push the pancake shaped pieces back over the fence. This is the house behind us that has been vacant for two years and none of our neighbors knows who owns the home. Crazy! We have been warned not to leave because we were off to Mayfield ice cream in Athens TN but the roads are closed in Gurley and Scottsborro and Cole is stuck on the mountain in Dutton with no power hanging with his boy cousins. Isabella and Jayde are here playing horse-opoly. But bummer no Mayfields today! I hope all you reading this has had the same luck as we did this morning and am now bracing for strong storms again this afternoon!
If you guys are interested in a free tour and a three hour trip go to Mayfield, our kiddos LOVE it!
mayfield ice cream.

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Karl said...

The owners of the house behind you are Timothy and Terri Ezell.

They live at:
318 Monroe Road
Meridianville , AL 35759

No listed phone number.

Hope that helps. Isn't the Internet grand?