Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So here it is October 2nd and I just noticed that I haven't blogged in TWO MONTHS! Wow and I'm sorry. This is an update...but where do I start. Isabella started school in the middle of August and she loves it. She is my social butterfly who thinks she is 20 and is actually an independent five year old. We but heads all the time and I'm worried that if we don't figure something out soon it will be a downward spiral and only get worse. She loves everything about school but I think her favorite is to be line leader. She did get 100% on her monthly math test yesterday! Way to go B! She is still taking piano lessons and is doing great. But she doesn't like to practice and I think this is where we are butting heads the most. She is a great kid though I wonder if I'm trying to convince myself?

Cole started school in September and is loving it. He is the youngest in his class but you wouldn't now it by looking at him. He's a big boy. He loves school because they have a choo-choo table and choo-choo playground equipment. He can sing his ABC's and count to ten. We are working on name recognition and letter recognition along with numbers. He's doing well though.

Rob is already 1/2 way through his semester and doing great...he is getting lots of information that is actually useful.

In September we went to Chattanooga to spend the night in a choo choo and then ride a train. The kids loved it...definitely something we'd do again.

One last thing and then I gotta go...We are going to have a BABY! We are 6 weeks pregnant! I'll keep you updated.

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Erika said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited about the new baby.